Interviewing: Topic Guide

Interviewing: Topic Guide

February 1, 2024

Interviews in the social sciences

Facilitation Reading
The Econ of the Early Internet

Interviews in the social sciences

We’ll focus on developing a topic arch for your interviews.

In this Primer, we focus on the most common type of interview: one researcher taking a semi-structured approach to interviewing one participant using a topic guide. Focusing on how to plan research using interviews, we discuss the necessary stages of data collection. We also discuss the stages and thought-process behind analysing interview material to ensure that the richness and interpretability of interview material is maintained and communicated to readers.

In Class Interviews

Theme: Where and how do you encounter web 1.0 technologies and where are you seeing or feeling the seeds of alienation.

Dont’ forget to turn in the 📌Interview Project (Weekly Journal) (20%)