David Rheams

David Rheams

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I am a Senior Business Architect at Atlassian and an adjunct professor at UT Dallas, where I focus on media technologies, ethics, and user experiences. My PhD is in Cultural Studies and I focus on emerging media, science and technology studies, and political economy. My dissertation explored the intersection of science, software, and communications surrounding Texas groundwater.

As part of the Business Transformation team at Atlassian, I infuse my background in ethnography and participant observation into the development of innovative and transformational strategies. My hands-on approach involves understanding how people interact with technology on a deep, human level. By drawing from qualitative research methods honed during my academic career, I am able to craft business cases and long term strategies that drive revenue and customer retention. My current endeavors include working on an AI project aimed at sorting through large amounts of textual data to help people find and summarize complex technical information quickly.

My approach is complemented by a steadfast commitment to ethical innovation. In both product discussions and strategy development, I ensure that ethical considerations are not just an afterthought but a guiding principle, aligning technology with values and responsible innovation. As a senior leader in numerous startups, I developed ethical frameworks for both technology and people management. I root my management practice on the a deep sense of collaboration and teamwork to help guild teams through creative problem solving. I aim to foster collaboration and creativity, both in the classroom and the corporate sphere.

Outside of my professional life, I'm deeply committed to environmental issues, and I enjoy hiking with my kids throughout Texas.

I welcome connections, collaborations, and discussions.