Interview Project (Weekly Journal) (20%)

We will conduct in-class interviews during lab sessions this semester. Students are expected to play the the role of interviewer and interviewee during these sessions so that you get practice both asking and answering questions.

You will interview one of your classmates each week during the lab session. Likewise, you will be the subject of an interview during the same class.

To help record progress of your interviews, I’m asking you to turn in weekly reflections based on your experiences throughout the week.

Weekly Audio Journal Assignment Instructions


Each week, you are required to submit a three-minute audio journal reflecting on your experiences with the course. This journal should include your thoughts on the class readings, your interview process, and how they all interconnect with the overarching themes of the course, particularly focusing on the concept of alienation in digital media.


  • To reflect critically on the weekly themes and readings.
  • To document and analyze insights from your interviews.
  • To engage in a succinct and accurate way, demonstrating your understanding of the material.

Assignment Details

Part I: Interview Reflections (~2 minutes)

  • Briefly summarize the key insights gained from your interviews this week. How do these insights relate to the concept of alienation or other themes discussed in class?
  • Describe any significant moments or revelations that occurred during the interview process.
  • Tell me what worked or what didn’t during your interviews this week? Did you get the content you need to make your final project a success? If not, what will you change next week?

Part II: Reading Reflections (~1 minute)

  • Pose a question or insight that the readings prompted for you, something that you found particularly challenging or illuminating.
  • Connect the dots between your interview insights and the readings. How do they interact to deepen your understanding of political economy and digital media?
  • Offer a concise reflection on how this week's learning contributes to the development of your final project.

Submission Instructions

  1. Record your audio journal using any standard audio recording tool on your computer or phone. Ensure the recording is clear and audible.
  2. Label your file with your name and the week of the submission (e.g., "John_Doe_Week3_AudioJournal.mp3").
  3. Upload your audio journal to eLearning before the deadline specified in the course schedule (I believe you can either use a Box or Google Doc folder link).
  4. Include a “quote of the week” either from your reading or interview transcriptions in the eLearning text box.

Schedule of Thursday’s Classes:

  • Interview discussion & Themes (Dr. Rheams Lecture) - 15 minutes
  • Interview 1 - 20 minutes
  • Interview 2 - 20 minutes`
  • Turn in Weekly Journal - 15 minutes
Why is this important? Keeping up with a flow of information and being able to recall it at a later date is a helpful skill for professional work. It’s important to develop your practices inside of the classroom so that you have the skills you need when you leave. Also, and for our immediate purposes, doing a little bit of work weekly will make your final project and presentation MUCH LESS WORK at the end of the semester. It’s easy when done bit by bit, so this is my way of forcing the behavior.