Midterm Peer Review

February 29, 2024
Peer Review
Facilitation Reading

To Do

Bring your midterm notes and/or rough draft to class so that you can discuss your work with three other students. The point of a peer review is to show gaps in your thinking and errors in your writing.

Turn into eLearning for 5 bonus points:

  • Your own work as a MS Word link in box, an MS file, or a Google Doc link that has your peer’s comments
  • Tell me who you worked with in class
Turn in all your journals (if you’re missing any) BEFORE you do your peer review. Missing even a few journals will impact your grade. Participation is important.
Don’t forget to have a Works Cited page and use quotes for your midterm! Remember that one of the things I’m looking to see is how you engage with a text or an idea.