Group Class Facilitation (20%)

This is your chance to teach part of the reading! Each week we’ll ask a group of four students to work together to explain a complex reading to the rest of the class. However, I’ve broken up the responsibilities of this group presentation so that everyone is clear about their contribution. You’ll be asked to write a couple of paragraphs on one aspect of the reading:

Key Themes: What are three to five key themes in the reading? Themes may be technological, social, or historical.

Data Used (Evidence): What type of evidence (theory or empirical) is the author using? Look at the sources they cite or the data sets used. Is it qualitative data or quantitative data? Do you believe the data source is valid, accurate, or appropriate?

Main Thesis & Significance: What is the main point of the argument, and what idea is the author pushing back on? How do the author’s contributions update the field they are working in? Why is it important to the field and to you as a reader?

How does this relate to other readings? Connect this text to others we have read during class. Think about the readings we’ve done in class on Capital or from later scholars and how their work adds context to your reading.

Before it’s your day to facilitate

  • Complete the extra reading
  • Write ~300 words on your topic and your responsibility
  • Combine your document with your group (so that there is one document to share with the class)
Your notes are due in eLearning before class. I cannot accept makeup grades for these as the point is to present to your classmates. If you need to switch your time, please work with another student to switch.

When it’s your day to facilitate:

  • Come ready to class to talk about your part of the reading for about five minutes. Your goal is to help your peers understand the reading.
  • Be prepared to have a panel discussion with your group
  • You do NOT need to do a presentation. Your notes are enough.
  • At the end of the facilitation, I’ll ask all the facilitators for that day to add their notes to a google doc that we can share with the class. This way, every class will have its own set of Cliff’s Notes that you can use when putting together your Midterm & Final Case Studies. Put the link on the Timeline & Schedule sheet (link below).

Turn into eLearning

  • Your three paragraphs (300 words) on a Google Doc
  • Update the Google Sheet with links to your document and the team document

Timeline & Schedule