Presentations (5%)

Present your prototype to the class and get feedback so that you can improve your 📌Final (35%). You will give a six to eight minute presentation to the class. You should have somewhere between five to 10 Google, Powerpoint, or Keynote slides.

Final Presentations (Week 12 & 13)

  • Prepare a presentation showcasing your interactive media concept, AI integration, and ethical considerations.
  • Explain the user experience, how AI enhances the project, and the philosophical concepts guiding your design.
  • Demonstrate how your project addresses cultural or ethical challenges and fosters thoughtful engagement with AI philosophy.

Dates for your presentation. Please go on your assigned dates as we cannot have makeups

Nov 14
Nov 14
A.J. Scott
Steve Arimokwu
Yajat Shirpurkar
Kevin Vega
Madison Sosa
Roma Vipparthy
Benjamin Stepniak
Sarah Wolf
Matthew Bayuk
Matthew Thorne
Abigail Cobb
Katelyn Uy
Isabella Baladez
Belle Garza
Cherissa Banag
Tom Grau
Carla Bautista
Carson Jones
Nadia Roesmaladi