Mid Term (20%)

Mid-Term Assignment: Conceptualization and Proposal

Part of leaning includes building your skill to read, apply the knowledge based on what you’ve read, and think critically about the new knowledge based on your own observations. This assignment helps you build these critical thinking skills while laying the groundwork for your final project.

Part I: Conceptualization and Proposal

Choose a concept within your career domain that can benefit from AI integration. Explore ethical, cultural, and philosophical challenges related to AI in your field. See the 📌Final (35%) for inspiration, examples, and further instructions. This is your change to start laying the groundwork for what you’ll make in the coming weeks.

  • Develop a proposal including:
    • Project Description: Explanation of the interactive media concept.
    • AI Integration: How AI will be incorporated.
    • Project Goals: What you aim to achieve with the project.
  • Your proposal should be approximately 300 to 400 words.

Part II: Application of the Texts (Annotated bibliography)

Annotated bibliography that tells me how you will apply three of the class readings to think critically about your final project (use MLA or Chicago).

You should have at least four texts in your bibliography

Your Annotation should be about 150 words per source. It is a summary of how you plan to use the sources and why it’s important for your specific work. It’s NOT a simple summary of the text. In other words, I need to see how you’ll apply what you’ve read.