A Brief Biography

I am a graduate student living in Dallas, TX while enrolled in George Mason’s Cultural Studies PhD program. My two primary fields of study are digital theory and political economy of the natural environment. Though these fields appear disparate, I usually find them intersecting within my research in odd and awesome ways. I advanced to candidacy in December, 2014 and have begun work on my dissertation. Prior to GMU, I completed a master’s degree in Liberal Arts at LSUS in 2008 and a Journalism BA at Louisiana Tech in 2004.

Cultural Studies

I’ve chosen to pursue Cultural Studies as a discipline because it allows for an agile, interdisciplinary method to examine cultural objects within their social, historical and economic context. CS looks at the particular conditions that structure the formation of cultural objects, and acknowledges the interrelationship between power and inequality as they construct everyday life.

In particular, I am interested in the ways nature affects, and is affected by, social institutions. I believe CS offers a unique approach for examining human interaction with the natural environment under contemporary economic conditions. The current debates surrounding ecological crisis, climate change and resource distribution are reflected through the relationship between our current social institutions and cultural practices.

Professional Experience

When not heads-down in academic books, I also work at ReachLocal helping make Internet marketing manageable for local businesses. I have been fortunate enough over the past seven years to watch us grow from a handful of US offices with 100 employees to a multinational company employing over 2000 people.

Growing along with the company, I’ve worked in our Shreveport, Dallas, London, Tokyo and Reston offices and though I’ve held a variety of positions, each of them has focused on developing ways to communicate better as company – both with our clients and with ourselves. I’m currently involved in researching and facilitating programs for new products and services. To find more on my professional experience, find me on LinkedIn, have a look at my CV, or feel free to contact me directly (dr AT drheams DOT com).

On the off chance I have spare time, I enjoy playing music, creating short experimental films, pretending to be a photographer, doing most any outdoor sport and — most importantly — spending time with my amazing wife, Sarah and our beautiful daughter.

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