A Shameless Plug & Brief Thoughts on Team Writing

Reviews in Cultural Studies recently published a book review by Tai Neilson, Lisa Daily, Gavin Mueller and myself on Bernard Stiegler’s  The Decadence of Industrial Democracies. This review was conceived for a class on Media, Culture and Technology taught by Prof. Paul Smith at GMU. The review was my first experience with any sort of formal group writing project and despite a few confusions, I found it to be a great experience (though it is somewhat creepy to have a colleague continually finish your sentences on a Google Doc).  Watching brilliant writers do their thing too late at night is a rare treat for those of us overly-accustomed to laboring solo over a word processors and dog-eared texts.

One critique often lobbed against cultural studies, along with the humanities in general, is the lack of team projects. Whereas the hard sciences have a tradition scholars working together, the humanities tends to approach projects singularly in order to verify the stereotype of the lone scholar atop the ivory tower flinging cultural criticism to the masses. However, I find that when I write with others, it elevates my ideas and forces to me to write in a more clear and concise way than if left to my own devices.



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